Executive Management

Matthew Ledlow

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Ledlow, often seen as the face of the company, is the sole managing entity of Lambert Corporation serving as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Joining the company in 2007, Matthew’s responsibilities revolve around the creation and integration of the company’s strategic direction and include the management and macro-control of all business aspects, from marketing to research and development to financial control and acquisitions. He has served in a multitude of other positions within Lambert Corporation including Technical Director, Administrative Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer and was the sole factor in the prevention of its collapse in 2011 and 2012. Matthew’s prior work experience includes executive management, acquisitions, and operational controls in a multitude of industries including construction, contracting, and property development. His background with construction is very lengthy, as he held a contractor’s license on the Florida state level at the age of 23, and has personally worked with, on, or in consultation for many significant projects in the Southeastern United States. Matthew has attended, completed work with, and/or holds degrees in the disciplines of law, engineering, accounting, and business from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Western International University prior to its privatization and eventual closure, and Strayer University.

Business Development

Nelson Rich

Vice President of Business Development

Nelson Rich is Lambert’s Vice President of Business Development. Nelson joined the Lambert team in 2017. His responsibilities are oversight of sales, sales analytics, sales management and business development functions for the company. His duties include the innovation of strategic and tactical sales planning, development of sales and customer analytics, creation of incentive compensation plans, and performance management. He is responsible to the CEO for developing, growing and sustaining external customer relationships to foster company growth. Prior to joining Lambert Corporation, Nelson built a very successful career in sales/business development, sales management and leading sales training. He has received numerous awards for his role in leading sales teams to high performance and sales training departments for major companies in the pharmaceutical/biotech and medical device industries. Prior to his commercial career, Nelson served as an officer in the United States Navy and has a bachelor’s degree in General Engineering which he received from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Vertical Market Executives

Jim Allen

USAF (Retired) - Government Account Executive

Jim Allen is Lambert Corporation’s Government Account Executive, and joined Lambert Corporation in June 2019. His responsibilities include the strategic analysis, planning and execution to develop and grow Lambert business within the federal government sector, with a major focus on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in government contracting & business development, and, prior to joining Lambert, held numerous leadership and management positions focused on government sales with such organizations as HD – White Cap Construction Supply and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). In addition, Jim is a retired US Air Force senior non-commissioned officer with more than 23 years of decorated service in special operations, marketing, management, training, and recruiting. He maintains an extensive network of industry and government connections used to create and advance financially beneficial partnerships and opportunities. Jim's strong background in target-focused operations, sales, and marketing, will open new channels and expand Lambert's reach into the government contracting market.

Sales Team

Tim Ortiz

Manufacturer's Regional Representative

Tim Ortiz joined Lambert Corporation as a Manufacturer's Regional Representative in October of 2018. In this role, Tim's responsibilities include the service and support of Lambert Corporation customer accounts and provision of non-technical sales support, at the territory level. In addition to that, his goals are to strategically generate new business, sales leads, and develop customer relationships which will be mutually beneficial to all constituents in the supply chain. Prior to assuming his position here, Tim was a Branch Manager at L&W Supply, an outside sales rep for Gator Gypsum and Allied Building, a Field Manager at Pulte Homes, and a General Superintendent for Florida State Plastering. In addition, Tim is a retired US Army non-commissioned officer, serving eight years, a member of the 3/325 Airborne Battalion Combat Team as a paratrooper, a TOW gunner and served in Operation Desert Storm. He hails from Palm Beach Country, Florida and attended the University of Maryland where he studied Criminal Justice.

David Battle

Field Service Specialist / Manufacturer's Regional Representative

David Battle is a Manufacturer’s Regional Representative for Lambert Corporation, a position that he assumed in October of 2018. As a regional representative, David’s responsibilities include providing non-technical sales support, at the territory level, directly to Lambert Corporation customers. In addition to that, his goals are to strategically generate new business, sales leads, and develop customer relationships which will be mutually beneficial to all constituents in the supply chain. Furthermore, due to David’s knowledge of Lambert Corporation products in standard uses, his additional duties and responsibilities include providing job-site visits and sales assistance across Lambert Corporation’s entire customer base, which can expedite the provision of solutions from Lambert's Technical and Management teams. Prior to assuming his position here, David was an Operations Manager at Construction Materials in Sarasota. He was born in Rockledge, Florida and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration which he received at Appalachian State University.

Aaron Ledlow

Manufacturer's Regional Representative

Aaron Ledlow is a Manufacturer’s Regional Representative for Lambert Corporation for Lambert Corporation and has been employed by Lambert since December of 2017. Aaron's responsibilities include the generation of new business, investigation of sales leads, development of customer relationships, and the provision of non-technical sales support directly to Lambert Corporation customers. In addition, Aaron is a retired US Army non-commissioned officer, serving 11 years with three tours in Iraq and Kosovo, a member of the 1st Infantry Division and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and was awarded two Bronze Stars, one with Valor. Aaron's time during his tour in Iraq was partially documented in the best selling novel Baghdad Journal: An Artist in Occupied Iraq by Steve Mumford. His work history prior to taking on this position at Lambert covers a wide swath of industries including, but not limited to security, law enforcement, and military service. Aaron is from Elkhart, Indiana.

Ami Alamo

Inside Sales

Ami Alamo is a part of Lambert Corporation’s Inside Sales Team. Since 2011, Ms. Alamo has contributed to Lambert Corporation’s success in the industry, serving as one of its key customer order-processors, and by connecting with customers and ensuring the products they purchase are received in a swift and secure fashion. Prior to taking on her position with the company, Ami lent her talents to C.L. Industries, serving roles in the Accounts Receivable department as well as within order processing.

Jeffrey Brooks II

Customer Sales Analyst

Jeff Brooks II serves as a Customer Sales Analyst for Lambert Corporation, a position he took on in March of 2017. In this position, his main priorities are evaluating buying trends and collecting data in all mannerisms and formats for increasing product sales as well as maximizing customer satisfaction. Given his desire to provide the highest levels of satisfaction, Jeff also assists Lambert Corporation’s customer service team in overflow tasks. His background prior to Lambert Corporation is from outside the industry, wherein he gained experience with communication and standards maintenance in a fast-paced high-volume industry. Jeff was born in Warren, Michigan, but hails from Detroit and attended Seminole State College of Florida.

Gabriel Fritz

Specifications Sales Analyst

Gabriel Fritz is the Specifications Sales Analyst of Lambert Corporation, having joined in 2017. In this role, his duties are to analyze project plans and specifications, identify potential uses of Lambert Corporation products or materials for development, and to provide the sales representatives with accurate information pertaining to specific jobs prior to arriving at a job site. He is also tasked with investigating the potential buying trends of Lambert’s customer base for further analysis. Prior to joining the Lambert Corporation family, he worked with a sizable Florida-based corporation and was responsible for portions of inventory control and final product preparation. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Gabriel has a General A.A. specialized in Accounting and is pursuing a bachelor’s for Civil Engineering at University of Central Florida.


Janeen Ledlow

Procurement Coordinator

Janeen Ledlow oversees procurement at Lambert Corporation and has been working with and around the customer service, accounts receivable, and inventory control portions of the company since 2012. Her responsibilities range from inside sales to freight curation and procurement. Janeen has broad past experiences in sales, finance, and general business management, all of which make her a valued asset and a fine addition to the Lambert Corporation team. Janeen is originally from Wakarusa, Indiana and attended school abroad at the National University of Colombia located in Bogotá, Colombia


Tony DiCaro-Smith

Marketing Coordinator

Tony DiCaro-Smith serves as Lambert Corporation’s Marketing Coordinator and has worked for the company in various capacities since June 2014. In his current role, Tony develops, implements, and realizes marketing and advertising campaigns as they are presented in conjunction with the management and sales groups of the company. He also is heavily involved in the creation of marketing, advertising, and promotional materials, assisting in the utilization of those pieces in practice such as in trade shows, and preparing reports regarding the effectiveness of such plans and components. Before he took on this position, Tony gained experience in management in a small-group high-paced environment outside the industry. He is from Winter Park, Florida and possesses a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail University.


Damarcus Johnson

Research & Development Technician

Damarcus Johnson is a part of Lambert Corporation’s Product Research and Development Team and has been since 2017. He is responsible for testing, quality control, and directed modification of Lambert Corporation’s many products or formulas, as well as the assistance in the expanding research areas with which the company is involved and/or seeking growth. He additionally aids the Technical and Sales teams in field visits and product application training. No stranger to the inner workings of the company, Damarcus has worked in several of its manufacturing departments before becoming one of its laboratory technicians. He hails from Eustis, Florida and attended school at Valencia College.

Tony Woods Jr.

Research & Development Technician

Tony Woods Jr. is a part of Lambert Corporation’s Product Research and Development Team, a role that he took on in May 2019. In this current role, his prime directive is in utilization of the company laboratory in support of product, industry, and chemical research as well as ensuring the proper reporting functions required for decision making processes in management. In the time prior to his employment at Lambert, Mr. Woods seeked higher education in the musical field at Stetson University. He also spent a considerable amount of time as a freelance music producer. Tony Woods was born in Tallahassee, Florida.

Information Technology

Daniel Getejanc

Information Technology Specialist

Daniel Getejanc is Lambert Corporation’s Information Technology Specialist. His lead responsibilities are updating and maintaining Lambert Corporation’s website as well as the development and integration of new software systems. He has been affiliated with the company in various project-oriented capacities since 2016. Prior to taking on this role, Daniel provided tech systems-development for uBreakiFix specializing in mobile application and API development as well as a working as a software engineer with EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts. Daniel was born in Brooklyn, New York but later moved to Florida to pursue an education at Florida International University.


Patrick Enelus

Production Sector Lead

Patrick Enelus is one of Lambert’s Production Sector Leads. He primarily acts as operator of Lambert’s Wet Room and Bonding Agent room. As head operator of those departments, Patrick’s responsibilities are to make sure the rooms are stocked and that the workstations themselves are maintained to remain in efficient working order. As the sector lead, Patrick is responsible for all individuals in his respective departments. A native of New York, Patrick has been with the company since 2003.

Tyron Peter

Production Sector Lead

Tyron Peter is one of Lambert’s Production Sector Leads He primarily works in the silo room. A native of Micoud, Saint Lucia and first generation American Citizen, he is responsible for the production of Lambert’s dry products as well as the silo room merchandise. As the sector lead Tyron is responsible for all individuals in his respective departments. Tyron has been working at Lambert Corporation since 2008 and has previously taken on the role of Production Manager. Prior to working at Lambert Corporation, Tyron was employed at a Winn-Dixie warehouse. Prior to working at Lambert Corporation, Tyron was positioned in product control with one of the largest American private companies.

Armand Hamilton

Production Sector Lead

Armand Hamilton is one of Lambert’s Production Sector Leads. He primarily works in the color room as well as the Color Hard Room and keeping oversight of the yard. As the sector lead, Armand is responsible for all individuals in his respective departments. Armand has worked in several different areas of the production crew and has been employed with Lambert since July 2011. He sought higher education at Mott Community College and is a native of Flint, Michigan.

Shipping & Receiving

Jeremie Ross

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Jeremie Ross is the Shipping and Receiving Clerk for Lambert Corporation, a position that he took on in 2017. As the title implies, Jeremie’s responsibilities include shipping and receiving products to and from Lambert customers and associates alike. As such, he is also one of the first people to directly interact with our esteemed customers, so making a first impression is also a high priority for Mr. Ross. Prior to working for Lambert, Jeremie's history, while outside the industry, is steeped in the appropriate receipt and permanent storage of precious cargo. He was born in Lima, Ohio and hails from his hometown of East Moline, Illinois.