Lambert Corporation Under New Management

After 34-years of family management, a change was required, and second-generation Owner/President Steven J. Meyer has publicly stepped away from Lambert Corporation. Having little need for deliberation, the controlling members of the company unanimously selected Matthew Ledlow to take the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The private control of Lambert Corporation by Mr. Ledlow, which began in the second quarter of 2012, has seen unprecedented growth in both revenue and profit, from a company and industry standpoint.

Lambert Corporation Product Line Setup to Exand Significantly

Lambert Corporation has significantly expanded its product line in the past 12-months to include expansion joint board, numeours extruded plastic-based building materials, backer rod, pigment solutions, and a plethora of cementitious resurface and repair options. This expansion provides our company the opportunity to provide a complete line to our customer base and thus the industry as a whole. To top this, Lambert has slated a larger increase to the line throughout the remainder of 2014 and all of 2015.

Lambert Corporation to Offer Wax-Based Dissipating Curing Compound

Lambert Corporation expanded its line to include FDOT-approved wax-based curing compound. Lambco® Wax Worx will be the pinnacle of standard-use dissipating curing compounds and provide the industry with a solution that it has long sought from us. This new product will compliment Lambert's decades-old and extremely renown Aqua Kure® resin-based dissipating curing compound.

Lambert Corporation Creates New Colors Division

To better serve our expanding target markets, Lambert Corporation has created a Colors Solutions Division of its business with the sole intention of bringing color to the gray world with a myriad of new products created for many industries including the continuation of those geared toward supporting construction and building materials. We hope this partition will allow us to provide a better solutions set and thus ability to offer our customers the ultimate service.